who am i?

Besides Kibbi, I also go by Rod! I'm a white polish guy who has a wide range of interests, like gaming, drawing, coding and crafts! Anything creative is my thing. I also hoard data like crazy and love sorting things. I work on many projects, creating OCs, games, stories, maybe some helpful stuff too! I am a bit mentally ill (AuDHD <3) and also have a slight typing quirk (which I'm trying my best to keep off this website for aesthetic purposes).
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My current mood is The current mood of ketraline at www.imood.com

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my cat

Her name is Tuna! Look at her. She's my best friend, supporter and hater at the same time.

the only links you will need

  • Twitter, the platform I post on the most - @ketraline
  • Tumblr, the platform I hate Twitter on the most - @ketrapilled
  • Steam, the platform I game on the most - /id/ketraline
  • GitHub, the website I put my code on - ketraline
  • Backloggery, a website with most of my game backlog - ketraline
  • Toyhouse, a website for storing OCs and designs - ketraline

...and other you might need less

PlusSt@Mastodon trakt.tv last.fm spacehey

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