still under construction! busy searching for earthend......

Hello, I'm Kibbi! Welcome to my website. This is a prettier version of my old website code that never saw the light of day. I'm not special in any way and probably don't deserve a whole website about me, but what are you gonna do about it?

who am i?

Well, besides Kibbi, I also go by Hoshi. I'm a random white polish guy who has a wide range of interests. I'm an artist, gaymer, huge data hoarder and a white guy name collector. I am a bit mentally ill and also have a slight typing quirk (which I'm trying my best to keep off this website for aesthetic purposes).

my cat

Her name is Tuna! Look at her. She's my best friend, supporter and hater at the same time.

whats new?

2/3/2023 - added a blog section, and made a new post!
1/30/2023 - fixed a thing where the site would display poorly on mobile. it is now a bit better
1/29/2023 - i finished the pokemon tcg database. the images might be broken but yea its all there
1/27/2023 - we now have a little cloud overlay !!
1/25/2023 - added the barebones collections page that ill be slowly updating. also made the half ported poketcg database available.
1/23/2023 - lots of new stuff, including this section! hope you enjoy :)

the only links you will need

  • Twitter, the platform I post on the most - @ketraline
  • Instagram, the platform I post on the least - @ketraline
  • Steam, the platform I game on the most - /id/ketraline
  • Backloggery, a website with most of my game backlog - ketraline
  • ThemePlaza, the site I post 3DS themes to - Hori
  • Toyhouse, a website for storing OCs and designs - ketraline
  • Discord - Only people I recognize, DM me on Twitter

    sites that slay

  • - my friend's site :D
  • - GIF maker, converter, just everything you'll need